Upper School

Secondary Learning

At Burbridge School, learning in the secondary years shifts focus to beginning the education and development that prepares our students for life after school.

In the secondary years, our aim is to emphasise the development of skills that prepare students for life after school. Our focus is on developing skills that will help students to live and participate in the community with as much independence as possible.

In Year 11, students move to Individual Transition Plans (ITPs). ITPs are written in close collaboration with parents, the school and relevant stakeholders.

The emphasis is on life-skills in the areas of:

  • Independent Living (self-help, home and community skills)
  • Leisure & Recreation (developing skills and independence in areas of interest to the individual)
  • Future Pathways (work skills, enterprise and micro credentials)

In the final year of schooling, links are established between students, their families and community agencies. Burbridge School works closely with parents and providers to help make sure that the transition from school to their post school life is smooth.