Movement-based educational program specifically for students with physical disabilities.

Burbridge School is an internationally accredited MOVE Model Site, proudly one of two in the whole of Australia. We have been delivering the MOVE Program, a movement-based educational program, specifically designed for students from all age groups, with physical disabilities since 2015. Our vision is to help students with mobility difficulties and complex needs develop greater independence via improved mobility skills.

We have 3 dedicated MOVE International Trainers (MITs) who train our staff and coordinate the program across the school in close collaboration with parents, students’ therapists and other relevant stakeholders. Our staff are therefore highly trained in the delivery of the MOVE program and have for many years ensured the best possible outcomes for all our students.

As educators, we are committed in supporting students with mobility difficulties and complex needs ‘MOVE’ (i.e sit in alternative seating, stand, walk and transition) frequently during the school day to better engage with school curriculum. In a nutshell, our philosophy at Burbridge School is that there is “no better time than now to get our students “MOVING” purposefully to help them realise their fullest and best potential.

MOVE Program details:

What is it?

An activity-based program that combines therapy with an instructional process designed to help individuals acquire increasing amounts of motor skills needed for sitting, standing, walking and transitioning.


Implementing the MOVE

The MOVE program provides a comprehensive 6 step system to plan and monitor individual student progress over time.

  1. Testing
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Task Analysis/Planning Activities
  4. Measuring Prompts
  5. Reviewing Prompts
  6. Teaching Skills

Benefits of the MOVE

Highly trained Burbridge School staff enable learners with a physical disability to access, participate and engage in school curriculum. As our students progress with their mobility goals this is leading to better engagement with curriculum and ultimately improves student outcomes.

History of MOVE at Burbridge School

It has been a progressive journey, and Burbridge School has had some exciting developments with our MOVE program.


Parent Testimonial

“With the structure and routine of the move program being implemented at school and followed at home Riley was able to reach his goal of walking without a walker. Riley is now able to not just walk but run around with his siblings and join in on family games. It is an amazing program, and I am very grateful Riley is a part of it.”

Liz – Riley’s mum