We are excited to share with you some of the things your child can do to continue their learning at home. You will find a variety of activities that are both computer based and hands on that students will already be familiar with. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many more resources available online that Burbridge School will continue to share. Please choose activities that are suitable for your child’s abilities.

Access the DOE Learning at home resources

Health & Physical Education

Cosmic kids yoga

What is it: Yoga stories to direct students through stretches and poses. Link:

Just dance

What is it: Choreographed dances Link:

Go Noodle

What is it: Movement brain breaks for relaxation and exercise. Link:

Sensory Play

What is it: The link below shows a range of messy play and sensory activities Link:


Reading Eggs

What is it: Reading activities such as letter and word identification Link:

Storyline Online

What is it: Celebrities read well known books. Link:


Maths seeds

What is it: Maths activities such as counting, shapes and measurement. Link:


What is it: Online Maths and English games Link:


Dance mat typing

What is it: Teach students the correct finger placement for typing Link:


What is it: Teaches students basic coding and directional skills. Link: