Specialised education for unique learners

Our specialist teachers and individualised programs mean your child will develop the behaviour, communication and independent skills necessary to become a confident learner and achieve his or her potential.

As well as our dedicated team of people, Burbridge School offers our children a range of specialist facilities designed to meet the needs of students with special needs.

From a heated hydrotherapy pool and multi-sensory environment, to the student kitchen and Life Skills Centre, we are perfectly equipped to help your children achieve learning and growth.

Our focus is on individualised learning and support so that all students can learn at their own pace within the WA Curriculum.  Our priority for every student is to develop the behaviour, communication and independent skills for a productive and positive future.  Our high care learning environment ensures we meet the individual needs of every student.  

At Burbridge School, we strive to work as a team with families and their support agencies.  Our principal, teachers and assistants understand the challenges faced by the families of our students, and we work hard to extend our support to them.

The development of behaviour and communication skills at school can have a profound affect on learning and on home-life for our families.

We make it a priority to make ourselves available to give advice and support to all of the families that make up the close-knit and supportive Burbridge School community.