Primary Learning

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  • Samuel N with sensory tray and Annabel
  • Ekamdave on mat with Kamini

Our aim is to teach students the skills they will need to become successful learners, to socialise, to develop positive behaviours and to communicate effectively. For us, these are priceless learning assets that will continue to give value throughout life.

Our Kindergarten and Early Years Learning Program focus on the development of:

  • Basic learner skills

  • Communication

  • Play skills

  • Social skills

  • Positive behaviour

  • Skills for independence

  • Awareness of self, family and community

  • Early literacy and numeracy skills

  • Physical Education and Development

As students progress through the primary years, learning continues to develop across curriculum areas. These curriculum areas are outlined in the West Australian Curriculum.

The learning areas include:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Humanities and Social Science

  • The Arts

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Technologies

Through the primary years we retain an emphasis on the development of functional skills and communication, behaviour and independence.

Inclusive opportunities in our neighbouring primary school are also available depending on each student’s age, ability and suitability. Burbridge School is co-located with the Koondoola Primary School and we have a satellite class in the mainstream school.

This class comprises Burbridge School students, teachers and education assistants and students continue to access all of the facilities and specialist programs at Burbridge School. Students in the satellite class also have inclusive opportunities in the mainstream primary school.

For example, students may be included in mainstream classes for particular curriculum areas (where appropriate), play in the mainstream playground at recess and lunch (under the supervision of our own specialist staff), attend mainstream assemblies and attend incursions or activities within the mainstream school.