Hydrotherapy Pool

  • Mark in swimming pool with Daniela

Burbridge School has a heated hydrotherapy pool, a fantastic facility that offers value to our students and their families. The pool was upgraded in 2013 and features a ceiling tracking hoist to give students with physical needs assisted access into the pool and changing rooms. We are all about accessibility and giving maximum access for all students to every facility and learning opportunity.

All students receive at least one session in the pool a week, and some students receive more sessions depending on individual needs. Swimming instructors work closely with physiotherapists to ensure that students are achieving the goals that are set for them. Goal oriented learning is central to our approach across our programs and the pool is no exception.

The swimming program also gives our students the opportunity to develop important self-help skills and protective behaviours. Students learn and practise skills such as dressing, behaviour in public, public and private places and personal hygiene.

Our focus on building these sorts of skills is in line with our commitment to helping our students to achieve the highest level of indpendence possible.