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Every Wednesday we are collaborating with Music Rocks Australia for Term 3, 2019. They have an amazing ethos of using music as a tool for inspiration and skills. They focus on the music, social and personal development of our young participants, allowing an ethos of ‘music is for everybody’ and creating ‘the world’s most inspiring music experience for young people’. They operate in a different world from all other music programs and have opened up learning in areas for individuals who would have otherwise not had the opportunity or incentive to contribute musically. We love their policy of ‘every child, every time’ and their assurance that everyone will have opportunities to participate. We started this week and it was a joy to see the smiles of our students’ faces as they played the keyboards, hammered out a set on the drums and sang away. The feedback from one session has been overwhelming with everyone saying what a great program it is and how awesome it was to see the students participating. Stay tuned for the rocking tunes of our Burbridge Rockstars.