Multi-Sensory Environment

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  • side on of Levi at light wall
  • Asma and Annabel at bubble tube light
  • Levi at light wall

The Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) at Burbridge School gives our special needs students the  opportunity to be challenged by highly interactive and engaging experience-based learning.

Located in a separate room within our gym, the MSE includes a vibrating bed, floor-to-ceiling bubble tubes, a sound-light floor, fibre optics, infinity light tunnel and more. Students are taught to use switches to operate equipment and change colours.

The MSE also provides a bespoke environment for students to learn about colours, shapes, letters, numbers, cause-and-effect and to have particular sensory needs met.

We find that our Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) at Burbridge School provides our students and staff with some of their most enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences.