Mobility Support

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  • Mayank at basketball hoop with Varsha
  • Noah R in wheelchair pointing
  • Samuel N with eyegaze and Tanya

The Mobility Support program at Burbridge School has been specifically designed for our students with physical needs. This program teaches the functional movement and mobility skills that help our students to achieve their educational goals. The power of having children strive for and achieve their goals is incredible.

Our Mobility Support program is made possible and optimised by our specially designed facilities and equipment. For example, there are tracking hoists in a number of learning areas that allow students to get out of their wheelchairs and into an upright position to learn.

Specially designed equipment allows our students increased participation and independence in toileting, standing, sitting and walking. Our hydrotherapy pool and individual hydrotherapy plans also give students the opportunity to develop movement and mobility skills.

Plus, we are a Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive endorsed school with these swimming programs allowing our students to further develop improved movement and mobility skills.